We offer a wide range of services including medical, diagnostic, surgical and preventative health care needs for your pet so they can live a happier, healthier, longer life. Your pet is your four legged child and we recognize as well as appreciate that. So when your pet is ill, we want to be here to provide the best possible care available. The Premier Staff comes to work every day with the mindset to provide you and your pet with cutting edge veterinary medical care, from wellness exam and vaccines to diagnostics and complex surgical procedures. Your dog and/or cat will receive high quality care with us.


Preventative Care, Wellness and Vaccinations:

One of the most important aspects of your pets health care is the preventative measures we take to aid in being able to catch or even prevent a bigger medical issue in the future.

• Physical examinations
• Canine vaccinations (including DA2PPVL4, Bordetella, Corona, Lyme, Flu, Leptospirosis, Rabies, Rattlesnake)
• Feline vaccinations (including FVRCP, Feline Leukemia, FIV, Rabies)
• Parasite exams
• Heartworm testing



When a medical problem arises with your pet, we are there for you every step of the way. Our various state of the art in house tools aid in our diagnosis, prevention and continued care of all your pet’s needs.

• High Resolution Digital Radiographs
• High Resolution Ultrasounds
• Complete Blood Profile- For illness or geriatric patients older than 8 years
• Juvenile/Preanesthetic Profile – For patients younger than 8 years and pre-anesthesia screenings
• Thyroid Screening
• Pancreatitis testing (CPLi)
• Phenobarbital Level testing


Surgical Procedures:

Our doctors are skilled at numerous types of surgery. We pride ourselves on the safety and comfort of your pets during their procedures; their ECG, blood pressure and pulse oximetry are closely monitored by our veterinary technicians. Following surgery, we continue to manage your pet’s pain management and also give you the information needed regarding the best possible follow up care.

Soft tissue:
• Spaying/Neutering
• Tumor Removals
• Splenectomy
• Bladder Surgeries
• Anal Sac Removal
• Eye Surgeries
• Declawing
• Luxating Patella
• Fractures
• Amputations

Dental Services:

Your pet’s teeth are a critical part of his or her overall health. We strongly recommend keeping up on your pet’s dental hygiene because it impacts many of their other organ systems; such as heart, liver, and kidneys, especially in our senior pets.

• Scaling and Polishing
• Radiographs
• Extractions


Specialty Services:

In addition to our other services, we also offer the below services to complete the vision we have in caring 100% for all of your pets health care needs.

• Type 4 Therapeutic Laser Treatment
• Oncura (chemotherapy for cancer patients)
• Home Again Microchipping
• Heartworm Treatment


Reproductive Medicine:

Services offered to make your pet’s reproduction as smooth as possible.

• Surgical Implantation
• Semen Collection
• Artificial Inseminations
• Vaginal Cytology
• Progesterone testing
• Semen Shipping and Collecting (Fresh Chilled)


For all of your boarding, grooming and training needs please call:

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3651 E Whitestone Blvd
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For any emergency that arises after hours, on the weekend or on a holiday please call:

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For Compassionate End-Of-Life Services For Your Beloved Pet Please Call:

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