Congratulations to Kitty – our March Pet of The Month!

Hi, my name is Kitty and I think I should be Pet of The Month. I nominate myself because my mom told me that I won’t get it because I am too mean when I go to the vet.

See, I’m a total sweetheart at home and let my mom treat all my medical problems with ease.

I decided to prove her wrong on my last visit and I totally behaved and let Dr. Hamby check my teeth and give me a shot.

Premier Animal Hospital and the EC have kept me and my 9 plus lives going strong. I have diabetes, kidney issues, and thyroid issues but with my fierce personality, kind of like Beyoncé, you'd never know I am sick.

My birthday is in March too, I will be 14 and this would be a great honor since me and PAH have had such a long relationship.

Pet of the month! 14 and feisty! Pick me, pick me!

With love and no hisses or growls,

Kitty Blevins.

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