Katie Kopita

Katie Kopita


Congratulations to Kaite Kopita – our May Pet of The Month!

Ron and Pearl Kopita rescued Katie from a No-kill shelter in Wichita, KS in 2006. There were no records regarding her health, age or inoculation history.

Katie was under weight, malnourished, and a patch of fur on her back was missing from a burn. Her nails had not been cut in years. It was love at first sight and Katie was rescued! The veterinarian guessed her age to be about four and her overall health was surprisingly good. She had to have all of her required shots.

The Kopitas picked September for her birthday and this September, Katie will celebrate her 15th birthday!! Katie is a shy dog and prefers to be with her family. She loves to cuddle with her "parents" at bedtime and enjoys sleeping and relaxing with her special blankets.

For a small dog, Katie has a very good appetite and, in addition to dog food, she especially likes boiled chicken. Since she is a senior, she doesn't run around much, but prefers to sit by Ron and Pearl or other family members or take long naps.

The Kopitas wish to thank Premier Animal Hospital staff and the Spa staff for their excellent care of Katie!

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