At Premier Animal Hospital we use the latest medical technology to ensure your pet receives the best of care. Offering in house High Resolution Ultrasonography, our state of the art facility also has a full surgical suite and a separate dental suite with high resolution digital radiographs. Having an in house lab enables us to provide you with immediate results for blood work, including thyroid testing, CBC, pre-anesthetic blood profiles, phenobarbital level testing, geriatric blood profiles, and electrolytes, providing your pet with the highest level of care possible. We have a new service we are now offering- Oncura. It is a cancer treatment program that is done here at Premier Animal Hospital so there is no need to drive all the way across town. We work side by side with an oncologist so your pet gets the best treatment possible. Right now we are in the midst of successfully treating 3 cancer patients and are seeing wonderful results.

Exams and Vaccines:

Full Exam- $46.80
Recheck Exam- $39.52
Exam price when vaccines are administered – $25.50
Canine Annual (includes- Exam; Vaccines-Rabies, Bordetella, DA2PPVL4; Internal Parasite Check; Heartworm Test) – $140.78
Canine Annual without Rabies- $126.78
Feline Annual (includes- Exam; Vaccines- Rabies, FVRCP, Feline Leukemia; Internal Parasite Check) – $102.63
Feline Annual without Rabies- $88.63
Bordetella Vaccine (also known as Kennel Cough vaccine)
*this is the only vaccine that can be given as an “outpatient” and does not require an exam fee – $16.58 (No exam fee if existing client)
DA2PPVL4 Vaccine (Distemper Parvo vaccine) – $26.95
Rabies vaccine (canine or feline; one or three year vaccine) – $14.00
Rattlesnake Vaccine- $30.11
Canine Flu Vaccine – $31.15
FVRCP vaccine (feline upper respiratory tract infection vaccine) – 17.50
Feline Leukemia Vaccine 1st – $25.50
Feline Leukemia Booster – $27.58
Other Services:

Home Again Microchipping
High Resolution Digital Radiographs
High Resolution Ultrasounds
Type 4 Therapeutic Laser Treatment
Reproductive Medicine, including but not limited to Surgical Implantation, Semen Collection, Artificial Inseminations, Vaginal Cytology, Progesterone testing, Semen Shipping and Collecting (Fresh Chilled)
Nail Trim- $15.60
Anal Sac Expression- $18.20
Parasite exam Float – $18.05
Parasite exam Direct – $18.57
Blood work:

Complete Blood Profile- For illness or geriatric patients older than 8 years
Juvenile/Preanesthetic Profile – For patients younger than 8 years and pre-anesthesia screenings
Thyroid Screen or Recheck
Pancreatitis testing (CPLi)
Phenobarbital Level testing

Orthopedic Surgeries

ACL (CCL), Luxating Patella, Fractures
Soft Tissue Surgery

Tumor Removals
Bladder Surgeries
Anal Sac Removal
Eye Surgery
Oncura Treatment (chemotherapy for cancer patients)

Neuter – Approximately $181.00 – $212.00*
Spay – Approximately $187.00 – $268.00*
Dental Cleaning Canine – $214.00-$222.00*(excludes extractions/bloodwork)

Neuter – Approximately $64.00 *
Spay – Approximately $116.00( does not include bloodwork and ecollar)*
De-claw [front two feet)] Approximately $237.00 ( includes one night of hospitalization and a Fentanyl patch for pain)*
Dental Cleaning Feline – $168.00* (excludes extractions/bloodwork)
* Please call for an estimate